An unhelpful guide to… Canterbury

Working as a factual TV producer takes me to all sorts of weird and wonderful places.  I’ve filmed off the coast of Namibia on a diamond mining ship.  I’ve learned how they make pearls at an Australian pearl farm (you can read about that here).  I’ve been inside a Polish … Tell me more

Red Robes And Ringtones

One of the things you can’t fail to notice when you travel around Myanmar is the large numbers of Buddhist monks. They’re everywhere, going quietly about their business, and in their red robes with their shaven heads they’re impossibly picturesque and photogenic, especially against all that beautiful scenery and stunning architecture. … Tell me more

Inside Myanmar’s Monasteries

In my previous post about Myanmar’s Buddhist monks, I noted how photogenic they are.  With their shaven heads, red robes, and peaceful expressions, they have this amazing ability to step into a location, no matter how dull or ugly, and transform it into an eye-catching scene. You see them everywhere.  Mornings are … Tell me more