A week in Umbria. Part 1: Todi

The majority of visitors to Italy make a beeline for the big-hitting, headline attractions: Rome, Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast…  But if you want to avoid the crowds while still soaking up Italy’s gorgeous scenery, fantastic weather, and incredible cultural heritage, you could do a lot worse than ignoring the … Tell me more

Memento Mori in Naples

With its fabulous food, edgy culture and seaside location, Naples is becoming an increasingly popular city break destination. Where once tourists simply passed through en route to the Amalfi Coast, today more and more are stopping off for a few days to explore Naples’ narrow alleyways, enjoy some of the world’s finest pizza, and take … Tell me more

The wall art of Naples – where old meets new

Naples is one of Italy’s largest, oldest, and most colourful cities, and like any Italian city, it’s full to bursting of centuries-old art.   From its UNESCO-heritage-labelled Centro Storico, to the stunning hilltop monastery Certosa di San Martino, the city is generously sprinkled with palaces, churches and grand houses – and each is coated from top … Tell me more

Iceland’s falls and springs

Iceland is famous for being, well… icy.  Clue’s in the title, after all!  Snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, whirling blizzards, ancient glaciers… when it comes to the white stuff, Iceland’s got it covered.  Literally! But when all that H2O isn’t busy being frozen, Iceland has two other watery attractions: waterfalls and … Tell me more

Don’t Step On The Cracks!

This is the Svínafellsjökull glacier in Iceland.  Have fun trying to pronounce that!  In Icelandic, ‘ll’ is pronounced something like tl, with a flattened tongue and a click in the back of the throat.  So I guess you’d say ‘SVEEN-a-FETLS-yok-utl.  Or just start confidently with ‘Sveen’ and then tail off. They’ll probably … Tell me more