Iceland’s falls and springs

Iceland is famous for being, well… icy.  Clue’s in the title, after all!  Snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, whirling blizzards, ancient glaciers… when it comes to the white stuff, Iceland’s got it covered.  Literally! But when all that H2O isn’t busy being frozen, Iceland has two other watery attractions: waterfalls and … Tell me more

Don’t Step On The Cracks!

This is the Svínafellsjökull glacier in Iceland.  Have fun trying to pronounce that!  In Icelandic, ‘ll’ is pronounced something like tl, with a flattened tongue and a click in the back of the throat.  So I guess you’d say ‘SVEEN-a-FETLS-yok-utl.  Or just start confidently with ‘Sveen’ and then tail off. They’ll probably … Tell me more