India: a nation of selfie-lovers

The India found in the guidebooks is a magical and mysterious place.  Where exquisite palaces gleam and sparkle on the shores of majestic rivers.  Where dark-eyed beauties walk demurely between crumbling temples, their vibrant saris wafting the fragrance of perfume and spices.  Where monkeys play amongst statues of ancient gods and tigers stalk noiselessly through … Tell me more

How to take great photos of markets

I’ve photographed markets from Cuba to Myanmar, and from Tanzania to Hungary, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of them.  They are probably my favourite type of place to take photographs.  Markets are so buzzing and vibrant, there’s so much going on, so much activity and colour.  Seeing who’s selling and buying, … Tell me more

The Unsung Heroes of Kilimanjaro

No one survives even a day on Kilimanjaro, let alone making it to the top, without a frankly embarrassing amount of support from an enormous team of guides and porters.  It’s their job to carry your stuff, cook your meals, supply you with safe drinking water, put up your tent, take it … Tell me more

Climbing Kilimanjaro – Day 2 – The Forest

This is the second part of my day-by-day account of what it was really like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  If you missed it, Day One is here. It’s not something that had occurred to me before starting, but the nights on the mountain are LOOOONG.  The sun set at around six … Tell me more

Red Robes And Ringtones

One of the things you can’t fail to notice when you travel around Myanmar is the large numbers of Buddhist monks. They’re everywhere, going quietly about their business, and in their red robes with their shaven heads they’re impossibly picturesque and photogenic, especially against all that beautiful scenery and stunning architecture. … Tell me more

Inside Myanmar’s Monasteries

In my previous post about Myanmar’s Buddhist monks, I noted how photogenic they are.  With their shaven heads, red robes, and peaceful expressions, they have this amazing ability to step into a location, no matter how dull or ugly, and transform it into an eye-catching scene. You see them everywhere.  Mornings are … Tell me more