An unhelpful guide to… Canterbury

Working as a factual TV producer takes me to all sorts of weird and wonderful places.  I’ve filmed off the coast of Namibia on a diamond mining ship.  I’ve learned how they make pearls at an Australian pearl farm (you can read about that here).  I’ve been inside a Polish … Tell me more

The Road To Kilimanjaro – Weeks 4 to 1

This is the second part of my Kilimanjaro countdown.  Read the first part here. FOUR WEEKS TO GO I’m starting to get really nervous now. I keep waking up in the middle of the night in a sweaty panic but I’m not really sure why exactly.  I’m doing all I can … Tell me more

The Road To Kilimanjaro – Weeks 9 to 5

A beginner’s guide to climbing a mountain… In September I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  At 5895m above sea level it’s the highest point in the African continent, and certainly WAY higher than anything I’ve ever scaled before.  I’m not an experienced hiker: I live in London, which is pretty much … Tell me more