Being A Travel Blogger: Some Musings

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There are plenty of bloggers who blog about blogging.  To me that all feels a bit circular, a bit ‘meta’, but I can see how articles about blogging can be useful to other bloggers – I’ve even read a few myself.

It’s not something I write about, however.  Partly because Passport & Pixels is a travel blog, and I don’t want to muddy the waters, but mainly because I know practically nothing about blogging!  I’m very much a content creator: I write stuff, and take photos, and use my blog as a way to share my content and hopefully inspire people.  But when it comes to the nuts and bolts of blogging: the design, the engagement, the stats and the SEO, I’m completely clueless.  If you want advice about that sort of stuff, definitely don’t come to me!

So I was a bit surprised when a lovely lady named Faye at The Clothing Lounge said she’d be interested to hear what I had to say about blogging and being a travel blogger.  I don’t even know anything about fashion!  But I was more than happy to answer her questions, and she then put my answers into a post, very flatteringly entitled The Bloggers You Need To Be Reading.

So if you’re interested in how I became a travel blogger, why I think it’s important, and why I think people should read blogs, then here it is:

The Bloggers You Need To Be Reading

Feel free to post comments or questions in the box below and I’ll get back to you right away!


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  1. selena
    12th October 2018 / 7:17 am

    I love your blog! I think you do a fantastic job,Your travel blog information help me a lot to write about travel ,it’s give such a great information which is very helpful.thanks for sharing such a grate ideas.

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