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The mysterious seventh continent.

Remote, untouched, pristine, Antarctica is a place of extremes.

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Where primates thrive in verdant forests.

An explosion of wildlife and colour, Uganda is one of Africa’s greatest treasures.

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How to do the Polar Plunge in Antarctica

“No way. Absolutely not. Don’t be ridiculous. Why on earth would I want to put myself through THAT?! It sounds stupid and painful and utterly,…

21st December 2020

A Turkey Road Trip On The Aegean Coast

Inspired by my own 4-day Turkey Road Trip that I took in August 2020, this post outlines a suggested itinerary for a week-long self-drive route…

12th September 2020

The Rewards Of Visiting Uganda’s Batwa Tribe

Visitors may be drawn to Uganda’s tantalising Bwindi Impenetrable National Park by the chance to see the endangered mountain gorillas, but there’s another reason to make the…

29th August 2020

A Perfect Day in Kampala

Although visitors to Uganda come for the country’s rolling green landscapes and abundance of wildlife, logistics mean that everyone will likely have at least one night in…

18th July 2020

25 Stunning Travel Photography Blogs for 2021

As a passionate traveller, photographer and blogger, I’m always looking for inspiration. I love looking at travel photography blogs to learn more about new places,…

5th June 2020
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