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The mysterious seventh continent.

Remote, untouched, pristine, Antarctica is a place of extremes.

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Where primates thrive in verdant forests.

An explosion of wildlife and colour, Uganda is one of Africa’s greatest treasures.

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25 Stunning Travel Photography Blogs for 2020

As a passionate traveller, photographer and blogger, I’m always looking for inspiration. I love looking at travel photography blogs to learn more about new places,…

5th June 2020

An Unhelpful Guide to… Herculaneum

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a travel blogger and photographer, but if you’ve just found this site, you might not know that in my day…

25th April 2020

60+ Awesome Antarctica Photography Tips

Antarctica is a photographer’s dream. The wildlife, the icebergs, the huge open landscapes, the pristine, untouched expanse of it all… it’s fair to say that…

13th February 2020
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