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The mysterious seventh continent.

Remote, untouched, pristine, Antarctica is a place of extremes.

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Where primates thrive in verdant forests.

An explosion of wildlife and colour, Uganda is one of Africa’s greatest treasures.

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An Unhelpful Guide to… Boston

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these Unhelpful Guides. Yes, I know, I’m sure dozens of you have been tearing your hair…

26th April 2019

Glamping in the Sahara Desert, Morocco

As a travel destination Morocco just about has it all: beaches, mountains, deserts, vibrant cities, great food, ancient architecture, incredible scenery, fascinating culture, stunning arts…

11th April 2019

Ten Reasons To Do Group Holidays

Group holidays can get a bit of a bad press. Horror stories abound of being forced to spend your trip with a tedious bunch of…

11th March 2019

A Morocco Itinerary in Two Weeks

This post is a full itinerary of where we went and what we did on a recent group trip to Morocco. If you’re planning your…

6th February 2019

Ol Doinyo Lengai – Climb the Mountain of God

Most climbers travelling to Tanzania have only one target in mind: the towering summit of the six-kilometre high Mount Kilimanjaro.  Ask them if they’re planning…

14th January 2019

A Uganda Itinerary In Two Weeks

Regular readers of this blog will know that last year I spent four months living and working in Kampala, Uganda.  During that time I took…

12th January 2019

Digging for Opal in Coober Pedy, Australia

We humans are obsessed with shiny, sparkly things, going to phenomenal lengths and expense to get our grubby little hands on gems like gold, rubies,…

1st January 2019

How To Climb Kilimanjaro In 10 Steps

So your itchy feet have got the better of you and you’ve decided you want to climb Kilimanjaro?  Excellent decision!  But now you’ve got to actually organise…

9th December 2018
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