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The mysterious seventh continent.

Remote, untouched, pristine, Antarctica is a place of extremes.

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Where primates thrive in verdant forests.

An explosion of wildlife and colour, Uganda is one of Africa’s greatest treasures.

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Finding Homes For Ugandan Orphans

We arrived at the Smile Africa Ministries orphanage in Tororo, Eastern Uganda, on a hot and sticky afternoon after a bumpy five-hour drive from the…

10th June 2018

A Visit To Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda

“It isn’t going to rain,” says Moses, as he hands out ponchos and rubber boots. “These are just in case.” I don’t share his confidence.…

17th April 2018

Behind The Scenes On Safari In Tanzania

Africa. The Serengeti. The Ngorongoro Crater. The names alone conjure up thrilling images of vast open plains, with hundreds of wildebeest peacefully grazing while a…

17th April 2018

Video: My Third Month In Uganda

As February turned into March, it was time to ramp my Uganda adventures up a gear.  With two out of my three months done, I…

9th April 2018

What To Do In Sipi Falls, Uganda

Uganda is known for being one of the greenest countries in Africa. Not for her the dry yellow grasses of the Serengeti, the orange dunes…

24th March 2018

Video: My Second Month In Uganda

It’s now been two months since I waved goodbye to my life and my friends in London and travelled out to Uganda to volunteer as…

9th March 2018

Jinja and the Nile River Kayak Festival, Uganda

Uganda isn’t only famous for breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife.  There’s another reason travellers flock here: to brave some of the most thrilling and accessible…

2nd March 2018

Things To Do In Entebbe, Uganda

When you arrive in Uganda, the chances are that unless you come overland, you’ll enter the country via Entebbe International Airport, about an hour south…

10th February 2018

Video: My First Month In Uganda

Exactly one month ago today I boarded a plane and travelled to Uganda with very little planning and not much idea of what to expect. …

7th February 2018
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