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The mysterious seventh continent.

Remote, untouched, pristine, Antarctica is a place of extremes.

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Where primates thrive in verdant forests.

An explosion of wildlife and colour, Uganda is one of Africa’s greatest treasures.

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An Unhelpful Guide to… Canterbury

Working as a factual TV producer takes me to all sorts of weird and wonderful places.  I’ve filmed off the coast of Namibia on a…

15th August 2017

An Unhelpful Guide to… Poland

Recently, I was lucky enough to be offered an all-expenses paid trip to Poland. Whaaaaaat?  That sounds amazing!  I hear you cry. Ok, perhaps I…

8th August 2017

Taking Portraits in Myanmar (Burma)

One of the things they say about Myanmar is that the people are really friendly. Actually they say that about a lot of places –…

30th July 2017

Things To Do In Umbria: Assisi

I recently spent a week exploring and photographing the gorgeous Italian region of Umbria.  Click here for a look at Todi and Orvieto. Of course…

4th July 2017

Things To Do In Umbria: Orvieto

I recently spent a week exploring and photographing the spectacular region of Umbria in Italy.  Part One of my journey is about the beautiful town…

25th June 2017

Things To Do In Umbria: Todi

The majority of visitors to Italy make a beeline for the big-hitting, headline attractions: Rome, Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast. And admittedly, these are all…

16th June 2017

Iceland’s falls and springs

Iceland is famous for being, well… icy.  Clue’s in the title, after all!  Snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, whirling blizzards, ancient glaciers… when it comes to…

9th June 2017

The Beautiful Pagodas of Bagan in Myanmar

Have you noticed how, when you arrive at a ‘must-see’ place, it often doesn’t look like the photos you’d seen in the brochure or online?  You turn…

25th May 2017

Naples Underground: Catacombs and Cemeteries

With its fabulous food, edgy culture and seaside location, Naples is becoming an increasingly popular city break destination. Where once tourists simply passed through en route…

23rd April 2017

The Real Lonely Planet Guide To Naples

Like most people, I never go abroad without a copy of the latest local guidebook.  And more often than not, that guidebook will be the Lonely…

15th April 2017
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