UK Blog Awards 2019 – Please Vote!

If you follow any bloggers at all on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that the UK Blog Awards are back. And you might already be bored of people begging and pleading for votes! If so then I’m sorry, because here I am, doing just that…

As a small blogger I work really hard on top of a full time job to keep this site going, and I don’t make a penny from it. So to win an award, or even just get through to the final, really would be the most incredible thing. But to do that, I really need your help!

So please, if you like what I do, hop over to the voting page and


I’ve entered TWO categories: Photography and Nature & Wildlife, and I would be eternally grateful if you could vote for me in both!

Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Photography category.
  • Scroll down until you find Passport & Pixels.
  • To vote, click on the red heart.
  • Go back to the main page and do the same thing again, this time in the Nature & Wildlife category.
  • And then sit back and bask in the warm glow of having done something lovely for someone!


And thank you. Really.  I know you’re busy, so it means a lot!

Bella x



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