Video: My First Month In Uganda

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Exactly one month ago today I boarded a plane and travelled to Uganda with very little planning and not much idea of what to expect.  And what a whirlwind it’s turned out to be!  I’ve already seen and learned so much: from getting my first boda boda, to hand-feeding a baby elephant, to getting mobbed by kids in an orphanage, to seeing my first films and photographs uploaded onto the work social media accounts.  Along the way I’ve also met some inspirational people and made some amazing friends.  I can’t believe I’m already a third of the way through my trip – three and a half months definitely isn’t going to be long enough.

Since I got here I’ve been doing the 1 Second Every Day project.   You might have seen this: it’s an app you can download to your phone that enables you quickly and easily to record very brief 1-second videos of things you see around you.  You can either record just one or two seconds each day, or go ‘freestyle’ and record as many as you like.

Since there are just far too many interesting things to see and do here in Uganda, clearly I had to do the freestyle option!

So here is a short montage of some key moments from my first month in this wonderful country.  Hope you like it!  A full list of what’s in the video, as well as links to the blog posts I wrote, are underneath.

What’s in the video

Jan 7th – zipping up my suitcase, arriving at the airport, and boarding the flight.

Jan 8th – arrival in Uganda and being driven from the airport.  Read about settling in and my first impressions here.

Jan 9th – my first powercut

Jan 10th – riding a boda boda to work

Jan 11th – arrival at the office, with my colleague Emily at her desk

Jan 12th – walking to the shops and saying hi to some local kids

Jan 13th – the rain

Jan 14th – storks nesting in a tree opposite the cafe where I had lunch, and Sunday lunch with new friends

Jan 15th – in the office with a friendly bee

Jan 16th – at the market buying fruit

Jan 17th – my workstation at home and the neighbours’ cat, Matcha

Jan 18th – having pizza with a friend and then playing pool. He potted the white!

Jan 19th – a  morning trip to the gym and then off to Entebbe, where we found an amazing dance troupe performing and watched flies dancing round the lights.  Read about the trip to Entebbe here.

Jan 20th – waking up in the Entebbe hotel and then a trip to the Uganda Reptiles Village

Jan 21st – my favourite day here so far, doing the Behind The Scenes Tour at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.  You can read all about that here.

Jan 22nd – en route to a workshop, and inside

Jan 23rd – a simple lunch at work with my colleague, and then evening drinks with a friend

Jan 24th – filming an announcement by my boss, Chris, just before the rain started

Jan 25th – doing some video editing, and in the evening hanging out with room service and a movie at the Pearl of Africa Hotel (very nice!)

Jan 26th – driving with a friend to Jinja for the weekend, and then getting my first views of the River Nile at the Hairy Lemon campsite.

Jan 27th – watching the world’s top kayakers perform feats of skill and bravery at the Kayak The Nile Festival in Jinja, and later watching the sunset and jelly wrestling (!) at the after party.  Read all about the festival here.

Jan 28th – more excitement at Day 2 of the Kayak Festival.

Jan 29th – my colleague arrives from the UK with a suitcase full of new camera toys and accessories.

Jan 30th – walking up the hill to the supermarket again, meeting some local kids and a goat.

Jan 31st – kit packed up and ready for a field trip.

Feb 1st – in the car with my boss Lucy, on the way to Child’s i Foundation’s main project in Tororo District, and then meeting one family who has been reunited thanks to the charity’s work.

One of the families who has been reunited thanks to the work of CIF

One of the families who has been reunited thanks to the work of CIF

Feb 2nd – filming at the Smile Africa Ministries orphanage, where CIF is working to find families and rehome all 65 children, followed by visits to more families who have been helped by them. Read about the work they’re doing here.

Feb 3rd – filming close up shots of children in the orphanage, and then heading back to Kampala

Feb 4th – Sunday lunch with friends followed by sundowners

Feb 5th – an unwelcome guest at home and a workout video (to undo the damage from Sunday!)

Feb 6th – back to the market to buy fruit, plus essentials from the supermarket

Feb 7th – an all-team meeting in the office

And that’s it!  If you want to see what happened during my second month, you can watch the next video here.

If you have any comments or questions, please post them below.

Go on, give it a share!


  • Chris Outwin
    25th February 2018 at 9:03 am

    Lovely pics & vids! Thanks- I just got back from my (almost!) annual trip, and they took me back to beautiful Uganda.

    • passportandpixels
      25th February 2018 at 9:09 am

      Thank you so much, Chris! It’s always so lovely when people take the time to comment. Where else would you suggest I must go before my time here is up and where is your favourite place in Uganda?


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