Video: My Second Month In Uganda

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It’s now been two months since I waved goodbye to my life and my friends in London and travelled out to Uganda to volunteer as a video producer for the children’s charity Child’s i Foundation.

Having a job to do, and also being determined to make the most of every second and see and do as much as possible, means there hasn’t been as much time for blogging as I would have liked.   Posts that I had planned to write about daily life in Kampala and what I’ve been getting up to seem to have fallen by the wayside in the mad rush of work, sightseeing, and socialising.  But there is one thing I have managed to keep up with, and that’s my 1 Second Every Day. This is a project and an app that encourages you to film a few seconds of the things you see around you, and then mash them together into a short video that gives a tiny flavour of what’s been going on.

You can see the first month’s video here.  And here is what I got up to during my second month in Uganda.  Full details of what’s in the video are below.

Whats in the video

Feb 8th – calling my boda boda guy, Brian, to come pick me up. Brian barely speaks any English; all he ever says is ‘I’m coming’, (he also says this when he’s arrived) so I’m happy to have recorded it for my memories!  Later, out with friends at Kampala’s Kurb bar.

Feb 9th – washing drying on the line, and shopping for fruit and veg in the local market.

Feb 10th – taking photos of some of the local kids.

Children in Kampala

Feb 11th – lunch with friends.

Feb 12th – office training day, where the social work team are being taught about storytelling for case studies.  Later, having drinks on the veranda with my neighbours.

Feb 13th – travelling to work on the back of Brian’s boda boda.

Feb 14th – back at Kurb bar for a Valentine’s Day concert performed by some extremely talented Ugandan musicians.

Feb 15th – at home with a friendly gecko.

Feb 16th – off with a small group of friends to Sipi Falls for the weekend.  On the first afternoon we did a tour of a coffee farm and learned how coffee is produced.

Feb 17th – second day in Sipi Falls: hiking to see the waterfalls themselves. In the evening we played a random and very confusing drinking game.

Feb 18th – travelling back to Kampala, and then a much-needed run!

Feb 19th – filming Aziza and her grandchildren Safi and Amir for work.  After the children’s mother died they might have ended up in an orphanage but with support from Child’s i Foundation Aziza was able to keep them at home with her.

Amir and Safi

Amir and Safi

Feb 20th – editing the video.  You can watch it here.

Feb 21st – the office curtains blowing in the breeze, and going out to get lunch.

Feb 22nd – today’s lunch: a typical Ugandan snack called a Rolex which is a chapati with an omelette inside.  Later having dinner (a thoroughly British roast chicken) at a friend’s house.

Feb 23rd – planning for a big trip travelling around Uganda in April, and then out for a friend’s birthday doing karaoke at Little Donkey bar in the Muyenga district of Kampala.

Feb 24th – after the karaoke, the hangover brunch!

Feb 25th – a visit to Kampala’s biggest supermarket, Shoprite, which rather blew my mind!  And then lunch at another friend’s house.

Feb 26th – raining again, and having to boil water on the hob because another power cut meant the kettle didn’t work.  Later, at a brutal gym class.

Feb 27th – out for a friend’s leaving drinks at Mexican restaurant Que Pasa.

Feb 28th – today we had a break-in. Burglars scaled the wall of our compound and sawed one of the bars off our kitchen window but were scared off by our security guard before they could get inside the house.  This guy is welding the bar back.

March 1st – my birthday! I went to the police station to make a report about the break-in. Also it pelted it down all day with Biblical rains.  The Uber driver who was supposed to take me to the bar for birthday drinks locked himself out of the car.

March 2nd – queuing at the cashpoint for cash.

March 3rd – another friend’s leaving party, this time at Otters bar.

March 4th – yet more rain.

March 5th – the big house move! The charity I work for decided to move us to an apartment closer to the office, so we had to pack up the whole house and move everything over to a new area, with the help of Ambrose, the office manager.

March 6th – travelling to Nairobi to film a big workshop training the managers of Kenyan children’s homes on the subjects of Deinstitutionalisation of children and alternative care options.  When we landed it was pouring with rain so they gave us all ponchos for the walk from the plane to the terminal.

Passengers are handed ponchos before getting off the plane

March 7th – filming at the workshop, including the opening session when all the delegates burst into song!

March 8th – filming the second day of the workshop, travelling back to Kampala, and a cheesy photo opportunity with my colleagues Maureen, Peter, Pastor Ruth and Innocent.

And that’s my second full month here!  If you liked that and you want to check out Month Three, click here.

If you have any comments or questions, please post them below.

Go on, give it a share!

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