What It’s Like to be a Travel Show Producer

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Before I moved to Uganda, I wanted to connect with people who were already out there.  People who might be able to offer me advice, or who might even be willing to hang out with me and – gasp! – be my friend once I’d arrived.  So I went online and searched for people blogging and tweeting from Kampala, and sent them a friendly message introducing myself.

One of them was Ashley Fleckenstein, who writes the excellent travel and lifestyle blog Ashley Abroad.

Ashley responded quickly, and was full of helpful advice and contacts.  Sadly, though, she was due to return home to the USA just a few weeks before I arrived in Kampala.  So unfortunately we never actually met… but she did ask me if I would agree to be interviewed for a series she writes on her blog about Dream Travel Jobs.

We had a lovely chat via Skype, during which she asked me loads of questions, and I think I might have exhausted her from how much I can waffle on!  Yet somehow she was able to make my ramblings into a coherent article, and even managed to make my job sound cool and sexy into the bargain!

So if you’d like to find out more about the life of a freelance Producer-Director working in Factual TV, head on over to Ashley’s post here:

Dream Travel Jobs: What It’s Like to be a Travel Show Producer

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to come back here afterwards and comment below.


Go on, give it a share!

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