Ten Reasons To Do Group Holidays

Morocco group trip
My fantastic Morocco group, 2018

Group holidays can get a bit of a bad press. Horror stories abound of being forced to spend your trip with a tedious bunch of randoms, having to share a room with a snoring stranger, spending hours on a bus being waffled at by a bored guide, or being dragged round crowded attractions that don’t interest you without the freedom to set your own pace or do your own thing. But while these are certainly rational fears, and group trips do have their downsides, there are plenty of reasons why I personally think they’re one of the best ways to travel, especially if you’re on your own.

Myanmar group tour
Trying out traditional thanaka face paint in Myanmar, 2015

As a single woman and a busy freelancer I’ve often found it hard to get people to come on holiday with me. And no, it’s not because I’m awful – at least, I hope not! Nope, the problem is that more often than not my friends want to travel with their other halves, or we can’t make the dates work. Which is why I’ve turned to group holidays as an excellent alternative, and not just when I’m on my own either; I’ve joined group holidays with a friend or boyfriend too.


Kilimanjaro group trip
With my friend Sarah, Kilimanjaro, 2016

Some of the group holidays I’ve done

  • Walking in Mallorca with Explore (my first group tour, all the way back in 2007)
  • A tour of Cuba with G Adventures in 2013
  • Best of Myanmar with Intrepid* in 2015 (posts from that trip are here)
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro with Exodus* in 2016 (I wrote masses of posts about it; here they are)
  • Southern India with Intrepid* in 2016 (find out more here)
  • Highlights of Morocco with Flash Pack in 2018 (read about that one here)

These days there are literally hundreds of companies offering every style of group holiday to every destination on the planet.  So if you’ve been thinking about booking one, here are 10 reasons why I think they’re pretty great.

Kilimanjaro group holiday
Scaling Kilimanjaro’s Barranco Wall

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